The Public Art Commission Process

Delivering the Directives. Amy Thornton brings decades of communication and engagement expertise to her public art projects. An expert project manager who collaborates within professional team dynamics, Thornton is dedicated to presenting highly specific, criteria-directed solutions.

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Public Art proposals include considerations of architectural criteria, funding restraints, key stakeholder parameters, specific guidelines and a process of strategic follow-up and deadline delivery.

Comfortable within government agencies, nonprofits and Fortune 500 companies, Thornton possesses a core competency within the Public Art sector that allows her to address multiple considerations via her expert technology skills enhanced by four decades of professional fine art evolution.

Within each scope of a project, she brings an uncanny ability to balance all parameters, guidelines, deadlines, audience engagement, site purpose and grant guidelines.

Following the Amy Thornton Artworks Collaborative Model, numerous exchanges between the Artist and Specified Stake Holders drive the ultimate installation of each final public artwork.

Steps of the Process

Submission Criteria, Scope and Parameter Review. Amy Thornton submits both publicly and privately generated requests for public art proposals. Key considerations and options are researched and presented as part of any submission proposal and due process. Adapting to each specific process of development is done in accordance with each individual project.

Intake Consultations, Briefings or Meetings. Initial parameter meetings are set up with teams or key personnel in person or via Skype. The scope and vision of each public art piece is carefully considered and reviewed. Thornton excels at collaborating within team environments and juggling input and criteria from multiple stakeholders. An in-person or virtual tour often guides the fully integrated vision that is vital to Thornton’s conceptual process.

Reconnaissance. Thornton surveys and gathers all related resources before commencing. Multiple reference images are photographed or requested for interior design aspects, shape, color and textural influencers. Sequential aspects are considered and influence each stage of the process.

Proposal. Concepts are presented in a proposal that includes multiple options for direction of artwork. The proposal will address any specific criteria as directed in the parameters of the project. Presentation may include prior installation references, mock-ups of materials, recommended style considerations, hardware usage and an early installation plan.

Interdisciplinary Research & Exchanges. Amy Thornton’s approach to public art projects may include a wide range of research, including exchanges with other professionals, to influence her process from concept to completion. Her primary goal is to gather all ideas and points of view that culminate in a foundation for integrating all influencing aspects – environment, public engagement, philosophical impacts, future developments, etc. This creates innovative and refreshing artworks that are highly individualized to their environment and purpose.

Private Viewing Gallery. To keep key team members involved in any procedures or processes, all Public Art projects will contain their own Private Viewing Gallery. Contact the studio for a private password to view your proposal as well as video and images of the development of the commissioned artwork. These will be available to you as archival materials for any records or proprietary provenance. A downloadable PDF format of this record will be available to you after installation.

Site & Project-specific Agreements. Adjustments, refinements and additional considerations are refined to meet the scope of each project. Guidelines are followed within each specific case. Any developments or processes outside of a reasonable scope with this agreement may require an addendum. Collaborative communication and follow-up is critical to all agreements.

Pricing. Costs for public art commissions typically range from $5K – $250K depending on size and complexity. Parameters for payment within each specific project will be strictly followed.

Installation. Each installation is unique. Depending on size and complexity, there may be additional costs for sub-contractors, architects, interior designers and installations requiring contract assistance. These will be researched. Estimate for this will be suggested in the proposal. Contact the Studio here to set up an Intake Consultation.

To schedule a consultation, please email the Studio.